GENALICE MAP GCAT Benchmark report

GENALICE MAP truly transforms DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq research projects. In terms of quality, processing speed and cost-efficiency major gains can be made.  The GCAT report offers you an objective comparison between GENALICE MAP and other widely used NGS data preprocessing pipelines on the quality related elements, such as sensitivity, precision rate and specificity.

The variant calls in this report have been analyzed across a series of metrics including comparisons to the Genome in a Bottle (GIB) call set, consistency with genotyping array data, and a head-to-head accuracy comparison with other variant callers.

In this report you will be able to compare:

  • Variant call results of MAP and other widely used workflows
  • Mutation recall results with Genome in a Bottle and Illumina Omni SNP array data
  • INDEL distribution results
  • Ti/Tv ratio comparisons