RNA extraction

3D Medicines Corporation 96A Automated Viral RNA Isolation Kit


• Reliable

CV values of Ct values <2% by
means of qPCR detection
• Convenient
prefilled plates
• Efficient
2× efficiency than general
Extract 96 samples within 13 mins

This kit utilizes magnetic beads-based
technology for automated isolation and
purification of RNA from biological samples.
It’s compatible with KingFisherTM Flex 96
extraction and Allsheng Auto-Pure96
purification system.
Intended Use:

96A Viral RNA Auto Extraction &
Purification Kit


  1. MagMAX™ Viral/Pathogen Ultra
  2. Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit
  3. Feature Prefilled Manually
  4. Protocol Pre-loaded reagents in 96-well deep
  5. extraction plate Manually add reagents into the plates


  1. Lysis Buffer plate;
  2. Wash Buffer plate;
  3. Elution Buffer plate;
  4. 96 Tip comb;
  5. Proteinase K
  6. Binding Solution;
  7. Wash Solution;
  8. Elution Solution;
  9. Proteinase K;
  10. DNA/RNA Binding Beads;
  11. Enzyme Mix

Sample specifications


  1. Sample Volume 200 µL 200~400 µL
  2. Elution Volume 50 µL 60~100 µL
  3. Extraction Time 13 min 30 min

Extraction Efficiency

1. Transfer the inactivated clinical sampling tubes to room temperature.
2. Transfer Proteinase K to room temperature and mix it well for 5 times up and down.
3. Check when the crystals or turbidness has appeared in Lysis buffer plate, heat it at
50°C until it has been dissolved, and centrifuge the plate at 2,000 rpm for seconds.
4. Peel the plate sealing film from Lysis buffer plate carefully, add 200µL inactivated
sample and 20µL Proteinase K into each of the wells in the plate.
Important Note: if an Internal Control is required for downstream application, mix the required Internal Control (provided from the
downstream application) with 200μL of sample and 20μL of Proteinase K.
4. Gently load the 96 Tip comb in the Wash buffer plate.
5. Switch on the KingFisher™ Flex Purification System, and select “3DMed-N96” program.
6. Peel the plate sealing film of Wash buffer plate and Elution buffer plate carefully.
7. Load the prepared plates into the corresponding position when start the program.

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