AgriGenomics/Plant genomics can be easily referred to as ‘a very special breed’. This is caused by the size of the genomes, their complexity and the scarcity of reference material. To meet these challenges, Genalice offers ultra high speed analysis on any size genome delivering precise mapping and unbiased variant calling.

This allows for quick iterations that save time in the molecular breeding process and provides a significantly lower financial support structure due to large computational and storage reductions. In addition, Genalice Population enables the use of the genomic context of a large cohort to further enhance the individual sample quality outcome.

​Case Study

Variant calling quality enhancement within a large breeding population.

The challenge: The massive increase in data production in AgriGenomics creates growing computational and storage challenges in a time and budget constraint environment.

The solution: By implementing Genalice Population, KeyGene was able to reduce processing times by over 100 fold, whereas former hardware requirements of a cluster >1,000 cores decreased to a single machine with 12 cores. The module further increased the accuracy and efficiency for SNP variation of a large breeding population of highly homozygous individuals, derived from complex crosses between multiple parental lines.


"Through the technology implemented in Genalice Map, there are specular reductions in the footprint which is a huge problem and a huge challenge…"

Testimonial from Roeland van Ham (KeyGene, Wageningen, the Netherlands)

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