Macrogen selects GENALICE MAP to process

HARDERWIJK, the Netherlands and SEOUL, South Korea – Today, biomedical big data solutions company GENALICE and Personalized medicine & biotechnology company Macrogen Inc (CEO Hyonyong Chong) jointly announced that Macrogen has chosen GENALICE MAP to reinforce its big data processing and analysis capacity for large-scale genome analysis and clinical sequencing services. GENALICE MAP is a breakthrough Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing solution, which processes genomics data up to 100 times faster than conventional tools. GENALICE MAP produces improved quality outcome data, while radically reducing storage requirements. It is the only product on the market today that makes large-scale genomics data processing effective and affordable.

Macrogen provides various genome analysis services including a HiSeq XTM Ten platform based large-scale whole human genome sequencing service, also known as X-Genome (Xpressway to Genome). CLIA-certified Macrogen Clinical Laboratory, Inc. (MCL), a subsidiary of Macrogen U.S., now provides clinical sequencing based healthcare services to physicians and patients. Furthermore, Macrogen is planning to launch a healthcare information and contents business using the genomic big data obtained from the Asian Genome Project and its global genome networks. In order to efficiently process the increased demand for large- scale genomic data analysis and minimize IT infrastructure investments, Macrogen has chosen GENALICE MAP.

“Macrogen has strengthened its competitive edge in the research market by providing Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten platform based large-scale whole-human genome sequencing service and is trying to establish the leading position in the clinical sequencing market. A high quality and fast pipeline for data processing and analysis is critical for providing better services for our customers as the genomics data production is soaring,” explains CEO Hyonyong Chong of Macrogen. “After a period of extensive evaluations on quality and consultation of some of our customers, we are convinced of the quality and stability of GENALICE MAP. With GENALICE MAP, we can run our HiSeq X Ten systems to full capacity without having to build a large IT infrastructure and immediately share the results with our customers using a secure network connection instead of hard drives.

GENALICE’s CEO Hans Karten said in a statement: “We are extremely pleased to contribute to Macrogen’s mission to lead in the era of personalized medicine based on genomic information. Our product is the only solution in the market today that makes large-scale genomics analysis effective and affordable and allows users to systematically implement genomic medicine. Our GAR file format enables genomics service providers such as Macrogen to send results to customers fast, simple and safe, and significantly reduces their customers’ storage costs”.

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