Clinical Decision Support

The ultimate goal is to treat patients with the best possible targeted drug regimen available, at the right moment and with the right dose. GENALICE CHECK is a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solution that supports treating physicians in their daily clinical decision-making process related to complex diseases.

Product features and benefits

  • CDS provides clinicians, nursing staff, patients, and other individuals with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered and presented at appropriate times, to enhance health and health care.
  • Findings of biomarker studies in large patient populations can be captured in an intelligent globally connected knowledgebase and be used as a CDS-system or CDS-platform.
  • The knowledge base can be consulted to match all diagnostic information from a new patient, including their molecular profiles, with the captured knowledge in the CDS platform. The consulting physician receives a patient specific treatment and dosing advice from the platform in return.

Using different biomarker driven tests to determine best possible targeted therapy

Simplified representation of how a CDS system may support clinicians in their daily treatment decision choices.
Based on all diagnostic information from a new patient the system checks for prognostic disease aggression biomarkers, drug response prediction biomarkers and optimal dosing biomarkers.

The GENALICE approach

GENALICE CHECK is the envisioned future* clinical product of GENALICE. The GENALICE approach is based on pattern processing and recognition. Digital molecular and diagnostic data forms a pattern, and a deviation in the pattern has consequences. These consequences are for each region in the DNA different, so the effect is dynamic. This dynamic effect is described with knowledge of biology. This knowledge is great, while still very limited. Through the gaps in this knowledge, it is not possible to expose clear or unambiguous relationships. Statistics lends a helping hand, so that from observations of large populations focal points arise for further study and accumulation of knowledge. This flows back into the system, creating an intelligent learning system.

GENALICE CHECK will offer physicians next-generation clinical decision support. CHECK can enable medical professionals to process, integrate and interpret the molecular profiles and diagnostic data gathered from an individual patient and to correlate the findings with a large patient peer group. The large patient peer group will be based on curated public data, validated external knowledge, and findings obtained from users of LINK. The outcome of CHECK will generate timely and reliable diagnosis and treatment advice, tailored to the individual patient’s disease.

* GENALICE CHECK is anticipated to be introduced in 2017-18.

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