Population Genetics

Future proof and scalable NGS data analysis.

Population Genetics

Modern NGS platforms can produce tens of thousands genomes per year, enabling large-scale Population Genetics. The detection of variants in the context of a cohort results in much higher quality, however analyzing thousands of samples together demands enormous computational, bandwidth, and storage support.

Genalice overcomes these challenges with its unique Genalice Population product, that provides affordable cohort embedded variant calling. The incremental approach supports easy addition of new samples on minimal underlying hardware. Genalice Population creates a scalable, low footprint, and easy-to-manage sample repository. Moreover ‘Consensus Based Call Enhancement’ is a highly efficient method to enhance the accuracy of the variant calling process.

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​Case Study

High quality variants from 1,000 Drosophila genomes in a day.

The challenge: Mapping and variant calling of large full genome cohorts are time consuming and leave little time to actually analyse variants.

The solution: Realise a fast data processing of more than 1,000 Drosophila genomes in a single day. The speed-up realised with Genalice Population allows scientists to mine data and find the hidden gems in the variant calls.

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