GENALICE now able to process a complete human DNA in less than 30 minutes

Today GENALICE proudly announced the scheduled release of an upgraded version of its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) DNA data processing software solution GENALICE MAP. This will take place at the European Society of Human Genetics conference in Milan later this week. Featuring the new 5-minute Variant Caller, the company is now capable of processing the DNA data of an entire human genome with 40x depth within 30 minutes on a commodity dual Intel Xeon E5 server.

The company commercializes its software in a turnkey appliance, the GENALICE VAULT. This all-in-one bioinformatics tool is preloaded with the company’s breakthrough DNA processing solution GENALICE MAP. Hans Karten, CEO/CTO, explains: “The two key processing steps after DNA has been sequenced are short read alignment and variant calling. In our first release we only included the alignment part. We are extremely pleased to upgrade our software suite with our ultra-fast and highly accurate variant caller.

Both steps normally take 1 to 2 days on a similar hardware configuration. By mastering both steps in less than 30 minutes now, we have created a processing pipeline that offers our customers spectacular benefits. Exome data or panels can be processed in near real-time.  Combining our speed and footprint reduction we are able to drive down the cost of processing and storing a full genome to less than $100 per year, while further improving the quality”.

The company has collaborated with several scientific institutes to validate their pipeline. In the public domain GENALICE tested its product with well-known reference datasets like “Genome in a Bottle” and has used the highly recommended Genome Comparison & Analytic Testing (GCAT) tool from to directly compare the sensitivity and specificity with most commonly used conventional tools. The excellent results have been drafted in a white paper and GCAT report. Both can be found at the company’s website in the product section under GENALICE MAP.