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Anti-Rhodopsin Monoclonal Antibody

Antibodies that detect Rhodopsin can be used in several scientific applications, including Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin), Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry and Immunoprecipitation. These antibodies target Rhodopsin in Human, Rat, Mouse, Bovine and Ovine samples. Our Rhodopsin polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant monoclonal antibodies are developed in Rabbit and Mouse. These antibodies have been verified by Relative expression to confirm specificity to Rhodopsin. Find the Rhodopsin antibody that fits your needs. Choose from 1 of 14 Rhodopsin antibodies, which have been validated in experiments with 42 publications and 43 images featured in our data gallery.

Browse primary antibodies for WB, Flow, IHC, ICC/IF, ELISA, IP, and other applications. Antibodies with Advanced Verification data have been validated for specificity to ensure that the antibody binds to the antigen stated. If you cannot find the antibody you're looking for, contact us today to develop custom antibodies for specific targets, species and applications.

Target Information

Visual pigments such as rhodopsin and porphyropsin are light-absorbing molecules that mediate vision. Rhodopsin consists of an apoprotein, opsin, covalently linked to 11-cis-retinal. This receptor is coupled to the activation of phospholipase C. Porphyropsin consists of opsin covalently linked to 11-cis 3,4-didehydroretinal.


CSNBAD1; L opsin; Long Wavelength Sensitive opsin; LWS opsin; MGC138309; MGC138311; Noerg1; OPN 2; Opn2; Ops; opsin 2; opsin 2, rod pigment; opsin-2; Red Opsin; retinal rod opsin pigment rh1.1; Rh; RH1; rh1.1; rho; rho protein; rhodopsin; rhodopsin (opsin 2, rod pigment) (retinitis pigmentosa 4, autosomal dominant); Rhodopsin (retinitis pigmentosa 4, autosomal dominant); rhodopsin-like-1.1 rod opsin; Rod Opsin; RP 4; RP4; seven transmembrane light receptor; unknown opsin-like protein; wu:fi06d11; zfo2; zfrho