GenAlice is started out of InVerse-IT by Bert Reijmerink and Hans Karten. Through contacts with Oracle and Erasmus MC, we ‘accidentally’ bumped into the world called DNA-research. From our experience in the area of high performance and high volume data management, we quickly saw opportunities to make a necessary difference in the advent of a large data wave caused by groundbreaking sequence technology improvements. It still took time and hard study to transform our ideas into a concrete design and plan, but with good results.

Working as volunteer for the Aple d’Huzes foundation Bert was introduced to prof. Edwin Cuppen at the University of Utrecht. With the in depth knowledge of his team of system biology and DNA, we have been able to define focus and create a blueprint for GenAlice.

We set ourselves the goal to build scalable and cost-reducing solutions for large scale DNA correlation. Correlation and research should become cheaper with increasing volume. Then, and only then, it will be possible to contribute to the quality of life of people with cancer. Such contribution should be available for ALL people, instead of only for the happy few due to the high cost- and time-attributes which till now are associated with DNA-research.

We designed a set of new techniques in the area of data-presentation, data-processing, execution optimizations, data-storage and indexing. These, having a general character and application, make a key difference for processing large quantities of data with a complex, non-uniform and dynamic meaning such as DNA data.