On 12/12, in less than 10 days, GENALICE will impress the world of biomedical science. During a 24 hours live webcast the company will map the sequences of 42 full human genomes on a simple dual Intel E5 server.

A live registration and showcase of the stellar performance on speed and accuracy and the global online launch event of their groundbreaking new software solution GENALICE MAP. Based on the performance of all known competitors it is expected to be a new unofficial world record. For the most widely used tool, Burrows-Wheeler Aligner (BWA), it takes up to three full days to map just one full human genome on the same hardware configuration.

For patients with complex diseases DNA profiles add significant value to the development of new personalized medicines and diagnosis and treatment. To bring this value to the clinic, software solutions play an important role. Sequencing machines digitize DNA of patients. Those sequencers produce short reads of DNA. Software tools are needed to map them in the right order and build personal DNA profiles.

Correlations between DNA profiles and other biomedical and clinical data from these patients lead to the discovery of biomarkers. These can in turn be used to develop personalized medicines. A biomarker database can be used in the clinic to improve diagnosis and guide targeted individual patient treatment. This is anticipated to provide a significant leap forward in the treatment of complex diseases: much higher success rates and with far less adverse effects.

Co-founder Hans Karten, as of December GENALICE’ Chief Technology Officer and Executive Officer, explains: “Our vision is to improve this value chain to benefit patients on three different levels: 1. GENALICE MAP improves the data influx for analysis. MAP is data pre-processing software. It maps the short reads generated by sequencers up to 200x faster and more accurate than conventional tools. Besides it is capable to reduce the storage footprint significantly.

This makes storage of DNA data affordable and sharing much easier; 2. GENALICE LINK accelerates biomarker discovery. LINK integrates and correlates biomedical and clinical data from any form or shape. Where other solutions stop we move on: more detailed, more precise, better results are generated on a simple server; 3. GENALICE CHECK will close the loop back to the patient. CHECK builds further on the biomarkers discovered with LINK and the inclusion of validated external knowledge. Utilizing innovative pattern recognition technique, CHECK becomes a powerful clinical decision support tool for medical doctors”.

Jos Lunenberg, Chief Business Officer adds: “We are thrilled that with the launch of our first product, GENALICE MAP, our journey to fulfill our mission to save lives and improve the quality of live of patients with complex diseases has the spectacular kick-off which it deserves. Genomics scientists and other interested persons can register and directly interact with us on 12/12 via our special website 42.genalice.com.